The microbiota-gut-brain axis: modulation by probiotics and antibiotics

Paul Forsythe targeting microbiota 2017 speakers"Changes in gut microbiota can modulate the peripheral and central nervous systems, resulting in altered brain function, and suggesting the existence of a microbiota gut-brain axis. In this presentation I will examine recent examples of evidence in rodents, and data derived from studies in humans, that support microbe-based interventions for stress-related disorders and offer insights as to pathways involved.  Such studies demonstrate that despite the complexity of the gut microbiota, exposure to a single microbial strain can protect against certain stress-induced behaviours and systemic immune alterations. I will also discuss evidence suggesting a potential role of early-life antibiotic use in the development of neuropsychiatric disorders, and the possible attenuation of these by beneficial bacteria."

During Targeting Microbiota World Congress 2017, Prof. Paul Forsythe from McMaster University, Canada will highlight  "The microbiota-gut-brain axis: modulation by probiotics and antibiotics".


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