Exploration & Sequencing of Human Microbiota: The Perfect Signature - Workshop organized on October 21

microbiota sequencing

The Scientific Committee decided to organize on October 21 a workshop: Exploration & Sequencing of Human Microbiota: The Perfect Signature

All you need to know about the recent methods, devices and platforms will be presented during this workshop.

ISM invites the industrials to present their innovations. Without the innovations coming from the industrial side, we cannot translate the fondamental researches.

During Pasteur meeting, a special session is dedicated to industrials to present the methods and devices to analyse and sequence the microbiota.
Among the industrials who will participate to this session: Libragen, Genoscreen, Lifesequencing, DNAVision, Vaiomer... 
Presentations from academics and clinicians will complete this workshop.

Among the strategic questions which will be discussed:

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