Why should we care about primers and platform in microbiota analysis?


During the 3rd World Congress on Targeting Microbiota which will be held on October 21-23, 2015 at Pasteur Institute, Francisco Codoner, Scientific Director of Lifesequencing, Spain will answer the following question: Why should we care about primers and platform in microbiota analysis?


As indicated by Mr Codoner: "The human body contains 10 times more microbial cells than human cells. This microbial community that we found in our body has been classified as human microbiome. Using the presence of specific organisms, when analysing human samples, the human adults can be even classified into different classes [...].

In order to perform this kind of analysis based on the capture of specific rRNA region, we have to take into account several points which will be detailled during the congress.

We will focus our attention in those points in order to give some insights in how to perform a proper microbiome analysis.

In any case, though the study of the microbiome (mostly coming from faeces) we can be able to disentangle the alterations or illnesses that a patient is suffering and maybe change to normal conditions with the introduction of an antibiotic, prebiotic or probiotic.

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