To Swab or Not to Swab? Rectal Swabs for Intestinal Microbiota Analysis

AnatEckMs Anat Eck of the VU Medical Center in the Netherlands will be discussing Rectal Swabs for Intestinal Microbiota at the 3rd World Congress on Targeting Microbiota, being held between the 21st and 23rd October at the Institut Pasteur, Paris.

The composition of the gut microbiota is associated with various disease states, most notably inflammatory bowel disease, obesity and malnutrition. This underlines that analysis of intestinal microbiota is potentially an interesting target for clinical diagnostics. However, since sampling method, storage and processing of samples impact microbiota analysis, it is important to define standards for reproducible and accurate sampling of gut microbiota that can be implemented in clinical routine. 

Ms Eck will present more details and strategies during IMS' Pasteur meeting.

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