Dr Sean Kennedy, Institut Pasteur, Department of Genome & Genetics will highlight microbiota analysis and bioinformatics

Sean Kennedy2

Dr Sean Kennedy will chair the session about microbiota analysis and bioinformatics.

The scientific committee of ISM believes that bio-informaticians will play the most strategic role to interpret the microbiome and microbiota analysis.

About Dr Sean Kennedy:
Dr Kennedy has worked in a number of fields from archaeal microbiology to biochemistry in yeast, always with a regard to the implementation of novel techniques and technologies. At INRA, he establishing and headed the NGS platform for the analysis of the human microbiota. Involved in the conception and implementation of EU projects EvoTAR and MetaCardis, he has contributed to the understanding of the role our ‘other genome’ plays in human health and disease. His current position at the Pasteur Institute brings new challenges and opportunities in multi-omics research and analysis. Host/microbiota interactions at the level of transcription, metabolomics and immunomics hold the key to future research in this field.

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