Skin microbiota: Towards a new era in dermocosmetics/ Dermatology

skin microbiota dermatology marvin edeasThis review was based on symposium on skin microbiota which was organized by the International Society of Microbiota on June 17, 2015, Paris, France. Marvin Edeas, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of ISM stated: "This review shortly characterises skin microbiota and their functions. The impact of external factors such as xenobiotics, traumatization, UVB light, cosmetic products and antiseptics are discussed. Strategies to target axillary microbiota to prevent body odour, as well as potential targets to manipulate microbiota in cosmetics and athopic dermatitis are outlined with examples. In future we may expect that knowledge of skin microbionome will allow development of wide range of cosmetical products and stratify patient and people with high predispostion to disease subsets, predict the best treatment or preventiv modality and outcome and introduce new treatment strategies by targetely manipulation of microbial communities."

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