Probiotics as potential therapeutics in the management of metabolic syndrome

Ryo Aoki Targeting MicrobiotaDr. Ryo Aoki from Ezaki Glico, Tokyo, Japan will present his study of  "Probiotics as potential therapeutics in the management of metabolic syndrome" during 5th Targeting Microbiota World Congress 2017.

According to him: "Obesity is becoming a global epidemic, and a major contributor to increased incidence of serious chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Recent interest in the gut microbiota has reinforced the concept that our colonic bacteria may not simply reflect lifestyle choices such as diet, but they can also influence energy metabolism. Several studies show that obesity leads to the composition shift of gut microbiota in both mice and humans. In addition, it is revealed that microbial metabolites including short-chain fatty acids have distinct actions relevant to energy homoeostasis. Thus, modulation of the gut microbiota by probiotics treatment is considered an emerging strategy for controlling body weight and insulin sensitivity. This presentation will focus on the effects of probiotics treatment on obesity and on the underlying mechanisms in order to elucidate the properties of probiotics involved in the anti-obesity effects."

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