Metabolic and Metagenomic Consequences of E. coli Infections

Matteo SERINO Targeting Microbiota 2019The Scientific Committee of Targeting Microbiota 2019 Congress invited Dr. Matteo Serino from Inserm and Digestive Health Research Institute, France.

Dr. Serino will give a talk entitled "Metabolic and Metagenomic Consequences of E. coli Infections".

Summary of Presentation: A dietary fat enrichment is one the strongest factors impacting on gut microbiota on a both structural and functional level, as well as a known inducer of metabolic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and hepatopathology. Interestingly, this alimentary switch towards high-fat content has been shown also capable of favouring the colonization of the intestine by enterobacteria. Among the latters are pro-inflammatory and/or genotoxic E. coli. The metabolic consequences of the infections by these bacteria in mice will be discussed in relation to a lean vs. an obese/diabetic host, together with changes in the gut microbiota and microbiome.

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