Welcome to Targeting Microbiota 2018

What are the recent advances in fecal microbiota therapy?-

On behalf of the International Society of Microbiota, we are pleased to inform you that the 6th World Congress on Targeting Microbiota will be organized at Porto, Portugal, on October 28-30, 2018.


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Pr Harald Weiner from Harvard University will introduce Targeting Microbiota 2016

Howard Weiner Microbiota Congress2016The Scientific Committee is honoured to welcome Pr Harald Weiner, from Harvard University, USA to introduce the 4th World Congress on  Targeting Microbiota to be held at Institut Pasteur, Paris on October 17-19, 2016.

During his presentation, Pr Weiner will highlight the following strategic topics:

1. What is the source of microRNAs in the feces?

2. How does modulation of the microbiome by microRNAs affect colitis?

3. Are there shared microRNAs in the feces between mice and humans?

If you are interested to know more about Pr Weiner and his research, please click here.

To access to the preliminary program of the congress, please click here.

For more information: www.microbiota-site.com