Environmental Drivers of Avian Enteric Neuroendocrine Plasticity in the Context of Foodborne Pathogen Carriage

Joshua Lyte 1Dr. Joshua Lyte, United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, USA, will join the Targeting Microbiota 2023 congress to talk about: "Environmental Drivers of Avian Enteric Neuroendocrine Plasticity in the Context of Foodborne Pathogen Carriage".

Environmental pressures represent an omnipresent threat across the diverse phases of poultry production in the 21st century. Research directed at mitigating the deleterious effects of environmental stress on the avian gastrointestinal tract necessitates the identification of mechanistic pathways that sit at the nexus of host and microbiota.

The research approach that Dr. Lyte and his team employed has its basis in common mechanistic pathways that are shared among diverse forms of environmental stressors. Those pathways principally involve the host’s neuroendocrine response to stress as well as the response of the gut microbiota whose composition and function are critical to gut homeostasis and avian well-being. 

Microbial endocrinology, which is the study of the intersection of two seemingly disparate fields, neuroendocrine physiology and microbiology, and the bi-directional communication between both, that is at the core of our approach to devising new strategies to combat environmental stressors in food production animals. The remarkable integration of the bird’s neuroendocrine physiology and its microbiota is due to the evolutionary-based fact that each shares a range of neurochemicals, principally those related to the stress response, that permit bi-directional communication between the two that ultimately influences host gut function.

This talk will focus on the avian gut as the anatomical region where the host and microbiota interact and represents the area that can most easily be leveraged to deal with environmental stressors. As will be discussed, the design of new antibiotic alternative strategies that seek to manage the intersection of host neuroendocrine physiology and microbiota is one of the most promising avenues for dealing with the negative effects of environmental stress which may drive avian susceptibility to foodborne pathogen carriage.

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