Many aspects of the Gut microbiome in Patients With COVID-19

Targeting Microbiota 2020 Tao ZuoDuring the Targeting Microbiota 2021 Congress which will be held on October 20-22, 2021, Prof. Tao Zuo, Associate Director, SYSU Research Institute of Gastroenterology, Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) Guangzhou, China will talk about  "Many aspects of the Gut microbiome in Patients With COVID-19".

During the presentation, Prof. Zuo will highlight the recent studies on the following topics:

1) Gut bacterial microbiome alterations in COVID-19 in association with disease course and severity
2) Gut SARS-CoV-2 viral activity and its association with microbiome composition and functionality
3) Gut fungal alterations in COVID-19

Targeting Microbiota 2021 Congress
October 20-22, 2021

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