Among the topics which will be addressed:  
● Present the role of the Gut Microbiota in human and discuss the consequences of its dysfunction on the body
● Discuss the methods of cultures and analysis of the Gut microbiota and present the controversies related to these methods 

● We will discuss all methods related to Microbiota analysis, interpretation and animals’ models
● Present the latest scientific innovations on the Gut Microbiota, the opportunities and challenges ahead
● The development of pre, pro and post-biotics with a view to understand how these formulations may be at the heart of rebalancing and strengthen the microbiome Many practical cases will be presented…

This workshop is intended for anyone who wish to improve their skills and knowledge in the field of microbiota, their key roles within the body, analysis tools and the latest therapeutic innovations.

Looking forward to meeting you very soon. 
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Dr. Carole Nicco, PhD
Institut Cochin - INSERM U1016, Université de Paris, France
Internataional Society of Microbiota
15 rue de la Paix,75002 Paris, France