Gut Microbiome with Youth-Associated Signatures Reflects the Longevity of Centenarians

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News Release, International Society of Microbiota, France – April 7, 2023

An exciting study showed that long-lived individuals who reach at least 100 years of age appear to have a specific gut microbiota signature. Their microbiota signature display a juvenile-like features although they are aged. This study reaffirms the role of the microbiota in healthy aging and longevity, as stated by Dr. Tewodros Debebe, from ISM scientific Committee.

In their study Pang et al. characterized the gut microbiome signatures of aging, by conducting a cross-sectional investigation of 1,575 individuals (20–117 years) from Guangxi province of China, including 297 centenarians.

They reported that, compared to their old adult counterparts, centenarians displayed youth-associated features in the gut microbiome characterized by an over-representation of a Bacteroides-dominated enterotype, increase in species evenness, enrichment of potentially beneficial Bacteroidetes and depletion of potential pathobionts.

They found that health status stratification in older individuals did not alter the directional trends for these signature comparisons but revealed more apparent associations in less healthy individuals. Importantly, longitudinal analysis of centenarians across a 1.5-year period indicated that the youth-associated gut microbial signatures were enhanced with regard to increased evenness, reduction in interindividual variation and stability of Bacteroides, and that centenarians with low microbial evenness were prone to large microbiome instability during aging.

All together their results highlight a youth-related aging pattern of the gut microbiome for long-lived individuals. Targeting Microbiota 2023 will highlight the most recent data on the relationship between aging and the microbiome in a session dedicated to "Aging, Longevity & Microbiota  – Standpoint & Future Expectations".

You can learn more about Targeting Microbiota 2023 sessions here.

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