Welcome to Targeting Microbiota 2021

Dear colleagues,

We wish you and your family are going well in this hard moments of our life. 
On behalf of the International Society of Microbiota, we are pleased to inform you that the 8th World Congress on Targeting Microbiota will be organized on October 20-22, 2021 in Paris at the UNESCO.  The meeting will be a hybrid conference: in person and virtually. The final decision about the format will be next July. We keep our optimism in this particular moments.

During both days, many oral and poster communications will be presented and will cover many hot topics:

Day One : Targeting Microbiota 2021 - Mechanisms & Pathologies

Introduction on Microbiota 2021: Recent Advances & Gaps

9h30 - 10h30
Microbiota Dysbiosis in the Pathogenesis of COVID-19
Short Oral Presentations
11h00 - 12h30
Metabolites and Metabolome: Challenges & Perspectives

13h30 - 14h30
Gut & Skin Microbiota: Strategic Role of Environment

Short Oral Presentations
14h30 - 15h30
How to Evaluate Microbiota 2021: Recent Technologies and Innovations
Short Oral Presentations
16h00 - 17h30
Targeting Microbiome Big Data, Algorithms, Machine Learning Challenges
Short Oral Presentations
End of the first day


Day Two: Clinical Studies & Innovations

9h00 - 10h30
Targeting Microbiota Dysbiosis: Strategies to Manipulate the Microbiome & Microbiota
  • FMT 2021: What's New ?
  • Phage Therapy & Microbiome
11h00 - 12h00
Targeting Microbiota in Cancer
12h00 - 13h00
Targeting Microbiota in Ageing
Short Oral Presentations

14h00 - 16h00
Microbiota Innovation, Challenges & Sprints

  • Find an effective and inexpensive diagnostic test and technologies to predict dysbiosis and be able to quickly correct it in human Gut, Skin, nasal, buccal, or saliva samples
  • The best probiotic strains for health and diseases
  • Microbiota Innovation Technics & Devices 2021
  • Strategies to control shifts in the composition of the microbiota, causing a state of dysbiosis that reflects the pathological process and contributes to disease pathogenesis

Session dedicated to Companies, Organisations and Startups.
Submit your innovation before July 30, 2021.

16h00 - 16h30
Short Oral Presentations
Concluding Remarks
Scientific & Innovations Awards
End of Targeting Microbiota 2021


I do believe that this would be the best future strategy for the 8th World Congress of Targeting Microbiota in 2021: a strong communication between basic, pre-clinical scientists and clinicians.

If you wish to present your studies and research, please send us a short summary. We are open to all your suggestions for the program of Targeting Microbiota 2021.

So, I hope to meet you at the next meeting in order to capture moments of conviviality and scientific inspirations by the many and best scientists we have in the world studying the various aspects of the microbiota.

All our warmest regards.


President Targeting Microbiota 2020

Prof. Peter C. Konturek

Teaching Hospital of the University of Jena, Germany
President of the International Society of Microbiota


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