Diet-microbe interactions and their impact to cardiometabolic health

Federico ReyDr. Federico Rey, from University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA will present his study related to "Diet-microbe interactions and their impact to cardiometabolic health" during the 5th Targeting Microbiota World Congress 2017.

According to him: "Whole-grains, vegetables and fruits confer protection against metabolic and cardiovascular disease. The beneficial effects associated with these dietary components are at least in part mediated by end products of gut microbial metabolism, including short chain fatty acids, and metabolites derived from flavonoids, which are found at high levels in these diets. Conversely, gut microbes can also transform otherwise beneficial dietary compounds into metabolites that are harmful for the host [...] We are studying how microbes metabolize nutrients, how they interact with each other as a function of diet and host genotype and how these interactions impact health. I will illustrate our approaches focusing our recent studies aimed at defining the interrelationships between dietary choline, the gut microbiota and the host levels of choline, TMAO and host health."

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