Post-Congress Workshop 2024: Probiotic Prescribing Practices: Empowering Medical Doctors for Improved Patient Health

ISM 2024 Workshop

The International Society of Microbiota is pleased to announce the organization of a new workshop on October 16, entitled:

"Probiotic Prescribing Practices: Empowering Medical Doctors for Improved Patient Health"

During the workshop, we will answer the following strategic questions:

1. How can we incorporate the latest research on the microbiome for the best outcomes?
2. What challenges and opportunities exist in the current use of probiotics?
3. In what ways can next-generation probiotics and metabolites revolutionize patient care?
4. How do we select and provide the right probiotics or metabolites to patients in 2024?
5. How can patient education on probiotics be improved for better self-management?
6. What role do probiotics play in personalized medicine and patient-specific treatments?
7. How can regulatory standards for probiotic products be enhanced to ensure quality and efficacy?
8. How to ensure marketing does not overshadow evidence-based probiotic benefits?
9. What is the optimal mode of probiotic administration: tablets, food, or fermented products?
10. What are the established safety limits for probiotic consumption?


The workshop's goal is to equip medical professionals with in-depth knowledge of the clinical applications of microbiota research, emphasizing the prescription of probiotics, the future potential of these treatments in health and disease.

Who Should Attend

- Medical Doctors and Practitioners
- Nutritionists
- Gynecologists
- Cardiologists
- Neurologists
- Oncologists
- Medical Researchers interested in microbiota
- Industry Representatives keen to share their innovations with the medical fraternity

Agenda Points:

Keynote Address:
State-of-the-art advancements in microbiota research across various medical domains.

Session on Probiotics in 2024:
Criteria for selecting appropriate probiotics for different health conditions.

Hot Topics:

1. How to Prescribe Probiotics?
- Guidelines for timing and duration of probiotic therapy.
- Case studies showcasing effective probiotic usage in clinical settings.
- Safety and efficacy considerations for specific probiotic strains.
- Clinical studies from industry

2. The Next Generation of Probiotics and Metabolites
- Innovations in probiotic formulations with strains and metabolites products.
- Potential clinical applications and implications for future research.

Closing Remarks:
- Recap of key learnings and insights.

Key Benefits for Attendees:
- Comprehensive update on microbiota research and clinical applications.
- Expert guidance on prescribing probiotics effectively.
- Insights into emerging trends in probiotics and metabolites for therapeutic use.


We are particularly interested in showcasing innovative products, ingredients, and technologies related to probiotics. This is an excellent opportunity for your company to gain visibility, connect with healthcare professionals, and contribute to the advancement of probiotic application in medicine.

How to Participate

If your company is at the forefront of probiotic research and development and you wish to showcase your products or innovations, we warmly invite you to join us.

For participation details and to secure your slot in the agenda and space, please contact the ISM 2024 Workshop Organizing Committee directly. 

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