Microbiota Transfer Therapy for Autism: Multi-Omic Approaches and Lessons Learned

Targeting Microbiota 2021 Rosa Krajmalnik Brown07The International Society of Microbiota is pleased to invite Dr. Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown to provide an Inaugural talk on "Microbiota Transfer Therapy for Autism: Multi-Omic Approaches and Lessons Learned". Dr. Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown will overview her achievements and perspective in Autism Disorders. She is the director of the Biodesign Center for Health Through Microbiomes and a Professor at the School of Sustainable Engineering and The Built Environment, at Arizona State University, USA.

She is a pioneer in research on gut microbiome and autism. She is author of 4 patents and more than 115 peer-reviewed publications.  Dr. Krajmalnik-Brown specializes on molecular microbial ecology for bioremediation, the use of microbial systems for bioenergy production, and the human intestinal microbial ecology and its relationship to obesity, bariatric surgery, metabolism, and autism.

Dr. Marvin Edeas, Chairman of the ISM scientific committee, stated:"... The UNESCO, is a particular place where culture, science and humanities cohabits". Dr Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown's talk will provide not only a hope but a strong optimism tonality for this particular syndrome.

Targeting Microbiota 2021 Congress
October 20-22, 2021 - Paris, France & Online

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